Monday, June 3, 2013

K-9 places paw on fallen partner's casket

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By PoliceOne Staff
BARDSTOWN, Ky. — A photo taken at an officer’s funeral service shows his dedicated K-9 partner saying a last goodbye by putting his paw up on the casket.
Officer Jason Ellis, 33, was killed driving home from his shift in uniform when he pulled over to pick up debris on the roadside and was ambushed May 25. He was found on an exit ramp with a bullet wound and little evidence leading to a suspect.
The department’s only K-9 officer was mourned by his family, friends and department Thursday.  A photographer snapped a photo of his K-9 partner, Figo, looking mournful as he brushed the casket with his paw.
"Figo was almost giving him that final hug goodbye. I think that picture brought more tears than anything," said Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin .
"Ellis knew that Figo was a great partner. When you are a canine cop you have one of the best partners in the world. He had the dog for several years and his boys basically grew up with Figo around."
Figo was retired after his partner’s death and is now living with Ellis’ family.

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