Monday, June 24, 2013

Ship Carrying US Arms to Syria Sinks Near Yemen

 Very Interesting, the vessel M/V MOL Comfort was reportedly carrying arms supplied by the US to
Syrian rebels, unexplainedly breaks in two and sunk off the coast of Yemen.

Here we see the same vessel flagged as the APL Russia in 2009.

 Here we see her berthed in Hong Kong on the 21st of June 2013 and a video is being made by
Russians of her loading. This ship has recently had a full drydock refitting and inspection and yet
breaks up at sea in perfectly calm weather while supporting forces who oppose Russia's interest.
Obama and Jarrett, you better start paying attention. You childish wannabe socialist are messing with
the wrong people, real Socialist.

Update from the ship owners in Japan:

Update (No.7): Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort

TOKYO- Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) updates the status of the containership MOL Comfort as of 23:00 JST (18:00 Dubai time) on June 22 , 2013. The vessel could not continue sailing under its own power from June 17 because the hull fractured in 2 parts while under way on the Indian Ocean.
1. Vessel
The fore and aft parts are drifting near 14”52N 65’46”E and 13’29”N 63’27”E respectively in an east-northeast direction. The weather at the site is still adverse. The patrol boat which we have arranged is expected to arrive at the ocean site around June 24.
2. Containers (No change from the Update (No.6))
Some of the containers might be lost or damaged during the incident, but majority of the cargo are confirmed to be aboard the fore and aft part.
3. Rescue of the cargo and hulls
We have contracted with a salvage company and are proceeding to rescue the cargo and hulls. Three tugboats are heading to the site, and two of them are expected to arrive around June 24 while the 3rd one is around June 25.
4. Oil leakage (No change from the Update (No.6))
We confirmed no large volume of oil leakage.

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