Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Road to World War 3

With the new scandals coming to light and our increasing involvement in the Syrian war
this PSA from the Natural Rights Foundation puts things in a different picture. This is a must
see for anyone thinking about what they can do to help prevent this event.  My main question
these days is why has our government worked so hard to keep the US dollar as the world's
currency standard, while our current government is working so hard to debase it ?
Note to my Russian friends and followers, before this war goes hot, I want you to know I do not
hold you at fault. You gave us fair warning, our Idiot-in-Chief refused to listen. Just like you
warned us about the Tsarnev brothers and the 911 massacre, you warned us to not mess with
Syria, numerous times. You know that I do not like Communism or Socialism but I have nothing
against the Russian people I have known. Except that muslim Tartar shop-keeper in St. Petersburg
and those two street thugs in Moscow who suddenly decided I was deranged.

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