Sunday, June 30, 2013

We the People Stimulus Package

H/T Rosetta

Whatever you think about Glenn personally, his words make as much sense as Mr. Paine's do above. Is the average person in this country so ensconced in a "let someone else do it" life that they are just incapable
of getting it or so immoral they don't give a damn what happens to others until something bites them in the
ass personally and affects them or their family ? Or do they think if they just ignore the problem, it'll just
go away. If so, they are just as stupid as the star witness in the George Zimmerman case.
I am slowly coming to see that even though Mr Snowden may have been maneuvered into his NSA leaks
by someone(s), he acted out of a pure patriotic concern, not a desire to harm Armeica by giving foreign
enemies intelligence but out of a desire to protect America from domestic enemies who are engaged in the
slow, "plausibly deniable", destruction of America from within.

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