Monday, July 29, 2013

Active Responce Training

Greg Ellifritz is Active Response Training’s President and Primary Instructor.
He posts a great article titled "Assumptions and Biases in Training"
Anyone serious about training in the several areas he is a master in, should spend some time browsing his site and maybe consider taking some of his courses.

"I recommend reading any or all of the books below to increase your knowledge in the fields of weapons usage, crime prevention, the history of armed conflicts, terrorism, interpersonal violence and the criminal assault paradigm.

I read about 15 books a month. Very few make it to this list. You can be assured that if it is on this list, it is truly one of the best books in its genre.

If you appreciate my recommendations and book reviews, please purchase these books using the links provided. I get a small percentage of the sales price of the book when you do. Help me to buy more books that I can share with you!"
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