Tuesday, July 2, 2013

America's Savior

Satan is the State, the state is satan, bow down and worship me

The Zimmerman show is coming to the final act.  We all know this could get very ugly, very fast.  Let us run through a quick scenario:

The Zimmerman finale takes place, a decision is made, the masses are unhappy and revolt.  Someone is to blame... someone.  If they can't find someone else to blame, they will simply burn their own neighborhoods to the ground.

If riots come, they will come in the sprawling, entirely black ghettoes of cities like Trenton, Cameron, Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Gary, Chicago, and so on.

(For those of you who do not remember the Los Angeles riots of 1992, start HERE)

Things start to get out of hand, buildings are torched, blood is spilled... government property is destroyed.

Enter Stage Left:

protecting and serving the shit out of you
DHS rolls in on their MRAP's to Protect and to Serve the Sh!t out of you.  The rioters are not pleased, and begin to throw Molotov's and paint balloons at the MRAP's.  Before the internet is shut down, someone googles "How to Disable an MRAP" and things get a little more interesting.  DHS allows the appearance that the rioters have gained the upper hand, and they must reluctantly escalate their response.  Thousands of rounds of recently acquired hollow point ammunition are redistributed into the masses...

Should things escalate from here, Martial Law will be declared, NDAA will be put into effect.  What few vestiges of America remained thus far, will be expunged.

Now that DHS has quelled the resistance and reestablished peace in the streets (although an uneasy one, at the business end of a barrel), how many "patriots" will wave the Stars and Stripes and declare they live in the freest nation on earth?  How many will praise their "saviors"?

worshiping the state

Before it is all said and done, there must be someone to blame... someone must take the fall.  Here are the factions from which to choose: 1) The State in all it's Glory, 2) The quelled and broken rioters, 3) Those who worship the State as Savior, 4) Those who speak out against the narrative, those who expose the Tyrants for the filth they are.

You know which faction you fall under.

These are the times that try men's souls.

Will you bow down and worship the State as divine?  Or will you spit in it's face.

Should you choose the latter, may I suggest you increase the potency of said act and seek the knowledge of those around you.  For when the time for action has come, the time to train has ended.

Time reveals all.  For now, we fill our soda's, heat up our popcorn, wait for the intermission to fade, and the final act to begin.

For Our Posterity

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