Saturday, July 6, 2013

CM203 Launcher and 37 mm Reloader for Sale

This is a 37 mm launcher reloading kit that will load any 37 mm flare or smoke grenade shells. BATF rules say this system is completely legal for civilian use as
long as you do not use it for high explosive or gas projectiles.

It comes in a Hardigg hard case which can double as a handgun carry case.
The empty square in the left corner is a place to store projectile charges and shells.
These are not included from the manufacturer and they are available from many sources.
If you can find one, these kits go for over $600.

This a CM203 Cobray 37 mm launcher designed after the military 40 mm M203. There are some differences such as a charging handle, while the M203 cocks when you close it
and a safety switch which the M203 does not have. Otherwise they mount and operate much the same. Again this is perfectly legal according to BATF and are not even considered firearms. They are classed as flare launchers.

These will mount not only on the AR15 platform but other rifle systems as well with
the correct rail system, such as the AK47. The mount-rail is 14 inches with
six attachment points.

Together these two items retail for over $1000. I will sell them to the highest
offer over $500. I will accept US currency or metals in trade and will exchange FTF
in NC or ship them to you. Contact through my secure link,

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