Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Firefight While Waiting for Medevac

This is posted for my past and present and future TCCC classes. It is an excellent opportunity to see what it is like in a real firefight with a real casualty to provide care for. The injured warrior took a round to the chest
in spite of wearing kevlar and SAPIs. He is having trouble breathing, ominous sign of developing a tension pneumothorax. The providers placed a chest seal and inspected the posterior for exit wounds.
They gave him a small dose of morphine to help him breath better but not enough to depress the respirator drive. They started an IV even though it probably wasn't needed yet, its nice to have in place when you do.
You can see why I talk about losing your cognitive abilities when stressed, as the medic tries to remember how to give a simple MIST report to his commander who is trying to maintain security of his
tactical care area while he simulaneously calls in a 9-Line for casevac. This is the essence of TCCC, keeping your patient alive until you can get him to a higher level of care and prevent his death by knowing what the leading causes of death are, detecting their signs and stopping them from developing. As you will see from this video, even when you are trained, have the right equipment and operating under ideal conditions, this is not easy to do. The more you train and practice, the better you will be able to operate in a critical situation.

Firefight While Waiting for Medevac Pt. 1 from Michael Yon on Vimeo.

Source for video unknown, H/T Michael Yon. Warning video contains strong Army combat language.
  Firefight While Waiting for Medevac - Pt. 2 from Michael Yon on Vimeo.

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