Wednesday, July 17, 2013

M.O.H. Awardee, SGM Jon Cavaiani Needs Help!

H/T Blackfive

Jon Cavaiani served his country with distinguished valor serving in the Vietnam War. Jon was a Prisoner of War for 23 months. After his release in 1973, Jon returned to the US and on December 12, 1974 President Gerald Ford presented Jon the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest military honor. In 1990 Jon retired after 21 years of service.

Jon, and wife Barb, live in a small community three hours from the Stanford Hospital. Once Jon is admitted to the hospital, his inpatient stay will be dependent on the type of blood marrow transplant determined best for Jon. His inpatient care could be as long as 3 months. During this period, Barb will relocate to Palo Alto to be closer to Jon. Your donation to Jon's fund will defray out of pocket expenses for transportation, temporary living quarters and necessary medical co-pays during Jon's extensive treatment. All unused donations for these specific expenses will be donated to Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a scholarship program Jon has worked tirelessly with for 17 years .

Many of Jon's friends may wish to donate blood in support of Jon's battle with MDS and the best way to accomplish this is to donate in your community recognizing that your blood is used for many patients in similar circumstances.

Also, anyone interested in possibly donating bone marrow should visit Be The Match Organization and join their registry.

Many years ago Jon served gallantly for our country. Our donations will express our gratitude and will help Jon and Barb defray expenses during his fight against this deadly disease. Please donate whatever amount you can to help Jon and his family. And, please tell your friends of this campaign and website.

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