Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Obama Purge of the US Military

H/T Rosetta
I and many others have mentioned before, the Obama administration has been systematically rooting out personnel they feel will not support their agenda.
Agendas like, shooting American public during mass arrest on American soil and not responding to calls for aid during terrorist attacks on American facilities like the one in Libya where a US Ambassador and three defense contractors died. Here is a recent example that is coming to light from a list of hundreds. Usually Snopes tries to support the left's agenda but even they can't deny this one,
We can't have military instructors teaching soldiers that fundamentalist Islamists have declared war on America(true) and that the only thing they respect is force (true) and that the only way to deal with them is from a position of power (absolute truth). Should not the Joint Forces Staff College be able to indoctrinate military personnel according to the dictates of the POTUS and not about the truth and the best way to win wars ? Even though nearly all my readers served honorably in a branch of our armed forces, it is no longer our military or even Americas, it is Obama's baby
just like we are becoming his too.

"Lt. Col Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and highly-decorated combat veteran, was an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University. He had 19 years of service and experience, and was considered one of the most highly qualified military instructors on Radical Islam & Terrorism.

He taught military students about the situations they would encounter, how to react, about Islamic culture, traditions, and explained the mindset of Islamic extremists. Passing down first hand knowledge and experience, and teaching courses that were suggested (and approved) by the the Joint Forces Staff College. The course "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism" ,which was suggested and approved by the Joint Forces Staff College, caught the attention of several Islamic Groups, and they wanted to make an example of him.

They collectively wrote a letter expressing their outrage, and the Pro-Islamic Obama Administration was all too happy to assist. The letter was passed to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Martin Dempsey. Dempsey publicly degraded and reprimanded Dooley, and Dooley received a negative Officer Evaluation Report almost immediately (which he had aced for the past 5 years). He was relieved of teaching duties, and his career has been red-flagged.

“He had a brilliant career ahead of him. Now, he has been flagged.” - Richard Thompson, Thomas More Law Center

"All US military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and Joint Chiefs are under Dempsey's Muslim Brotherhood-dictated order to ensure that henceforth, no US military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive ,or just too informative." - Former CIA agent Claire M. Lopez (about Lt. Col Dooley)

The Obama Administration has demonstrated lightning speed to dismiss Military brass that does not conform to it's "agenda", and not surprisingly, nobody is speaking up for Lt. Col. Dooley."

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