Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Särskilda Operationsgruppen, Sweden

I have been thinking for awhile about getting out of the political commentator business.
There are many fine people doing that on the internet already, most of them much better at it than me. After all it is what it is and we all know what it is by now, right?
I think I will just stick to what I know best and am the most interested in like survival, TCCC, prepping, .mil specops, that sort of stuff. Aside from the occasional bear commercial or some politically incorrect humor this is what I think I'll stick with. With that thought in mind I thought I would post this tribute to Sweden's SOG. Sweden has such a small (but tough as nails) military, they can't afford to have a specops group for each branch as we do, so their elite warriors have to do it all. I had the pleasure of training a group of them here in North Carolina in 2012 and they were outstanding troops. There were some very humorous incidents during their stay in Carteret County and like most which occur among warriors, they are better left for tales around the campfire. Their small arms are mostly H&Ks and Glocks. Some of them had never seen a Sig Sauer P226. Naturally they had to shoot the one I carried so wouldn't you know it while we were doing some target practice, an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake decided to come out and see what was going on. As I am sighting on my target I hear high-pitched male voices yelling, "Huggorm, Huggorm" I'm thinking, that's got to be some kind of Swedish homoerotic male-bonding or something and decide to just ignore it. After I finished my mag I start to reload and notice everyone is standing around pointing their guns at a spot about two feet in front of me. "Oh THAT Huggorm" I say, as I will my feet to move slowly away from that flickering tongue and beady malevolent eyes. I believe we all went through several mags apiece before someone managed to hit the damn thing. One snake against six well trained guys with guns at almost point blank range. I hope my gun class students can get the take-away message here. When your hand is shaking and heart pumping 180 beats a minute, all that careful aiming techniques you learned goes out the door. It gets worse when a piece of lead fly's past your head. Enjoy the video and I hoist a Carlsberg to you, men of the Särskilda Operationsgruppen

Your once peaceful country is now engulfed by the Muslim hordes within your borders and you have shared the dubious ordeal of the "War on Terror" alongside us and other
nations. I pray we can both come through this to help rebuild our homelands to be the shining examples of humanity they once were.

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