Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Art of Utter Defeat

I was reading Zenpundit just now and found his article "How To Lose a War" to be eye -opening. His points apply from the macro like the Afgan and Iraq excursions, to the
micro, having a disagreement with a spouse or co-worker.
As a long-time student of the ancient Chinese General and philosopher, Sun Tzu, I couldn't help seeing the relevancy to our modern life in any aspect. In reading his
ten principles of how to become the defeated, I wonder if Obama and DOD didn't have input from their own strategy, eh...comedy. Will someone please send Obama a copy of
Sun Tzu's, The Art of War?

"Rule Nine: Protect that Which is Most Unimportant:

Organizations signal what they really value not by what they say, but what they spend time and money on.

Make sure that as the war is steadily being lost that top brass and their civilian overseers frantically emphasize politicized trivialities and institutional martinet nonsense. Reflector belt mania, giving everyone and their brother breathalyzer tests, cultural sensitivity training, counterproductive regs for MEDEVAC helicopters, promoting the gender equality of foreign societies and gender-neutrality of our own should bump out boring, old training exercises for future combat deployment in terms of priority. Remember, the military is not really there to win wars – it is a captive social engineering project for things the wackier members of Congress wish they could impose on their constituents were it not for those damned free elections."

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