Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Eagle has Landed

Some may wonder why I keep coming back to and reposting my two favorite journalist
of today, especially when there are so many other fine writers saying the same thing they do. It is because they both have a unique way of saying what millions of us feel
innately, yet they are able to say clearly the unvarnished brutal truth of our time
without all the attitude, hysteria and embellishment. At times I think they try too
hard to be objective and unbiased but itsn't that supposed to be a professional hallmark of a true journalist, speak the plain truth and let the chips fall where they may ? In the following two articles they both are addressing the same subject,
both from different perspectives and yet saying the same thing ultimately and if you don't agree that it strikes at the quintessential soul of Americans across this once great nation, then maybe you have a third way of saying it.

"The core element of the space program was competence. It's the same competence that allows us to still land jet planes every day, even if the rate of improvement in the technology slowed down long ago, or perform open heart surgery. But the number of professions in which competent counts has been decreasing over the years. And so has competence as a quality.

We have replaced confidence with attitude. And the difference between them is the same as the difference between a civilization and the savages outside. Confidence comes from competence. Attitude comes from rituals of pride uninformed by achievements.

Attitude is what actors, musicians and the endless swathe of reality television cretins project. And as a society, we value attitude more than competence because not everyone can have competence, but everyone can have attitude. Not everyone can walk on the moon, but everyone can work for the government."

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