Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvon Martin Justice Protests


It is very refreshing to see all this emotion poured into such a worthy cause. Tto see
all the leftist, anarchist and occupy wall street people joining them is great. It makes
me feel real hope that true social justice and political correctness can be maintained in this once
great nation after the fifty year battle to implant it here and to overcome the Constitution, an
outdated piece of paper which caused all this oppression. I just know the federal government
supports this and will protect and defend the protestors right to take to the streets and demonstrate
their rightful anger of this travesty of justice.

In case you don't get the tongue-in-cheek comment above then you either do not know me personally or do not comprehend sarcasm. One of the reasons I am watching these riots unfold is I expected them and am surprised they are not already at the LA scale. I guess black leaders with the exception of the likes of Sharpton , Jackson and King Samir, are doing a good job so far of leading their people away from senseless violence. Didn't work too well for Trayvon, did it? I don't like seeing anyone get shot and killed, but the truth
is he was a habitual drug user with behavioral problems who attacked and tried to kill the wrong guy.
Thats going to happen more and more until they all get killed or we run out of stand-up Americans.
Or maybe they could start following the path of black role-models like Alan West or Dr. Ben Carson.
Another is, I am waiting to see which of the so-called patriots who were doing such a great job of making threats to our civilian police a few months ago after the Boston tragedy, will be the first to get his head bashed in by a mob of "angry black teens" and how long it will take for him to call the police.
Its like that old cop saying from the 60s and 70s, "You got beat up, OK call a hippy."
I was a street cop for too long to not be offended when so-called patriots start calling for the shooting
of police officers.
The above photo was sent to me of one of my former students who is also a friend. Ask yourself,
who do you hope prevails here? Then you will easily know whether you can be my friend.

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