Saturday, July 27, 2013

Truth if you can take it

Y'all remember Bradley Manning don't you? He is the Army intel guy who gave WikiLeaks all that info deemed to be harmful to US interest and is now headed to spending the rest of his life in Leavenworth. He didn't plan ahead like Edward Snowden to avoid capture.
Don't know yet how Snowden's case will to turn out, all its going to take is a signature on a piece of paper by Putin and he will join Manning. I don't want readers to think I give a pass to any military or civilian police to violate God-given human rights or the Constitution. I admire the majority of people serving in both fields, .mil and civpol, and I am as outraged as anyone when I learn of clear violations. Here is some of the information the US military and government did not want you to know that Manning gave WikiLeaks. It is a video of an American Apache crew engaging "insurgents" in Iraq in 2007. The guy they say had a RPG actually has a camera and the guy trying to crawl away was a Reuters reporter. In fact they were both reporters for Reuters. Then a van with children inside stops to try to help the journalists get medical aid and they get blasted by the 50 cal. too. In fairness to the Apache crew, they did believe they were firing on hostiles and attempted to avoid hitting civilians. It should not have been hidden from the public. We deserve the truth anytime our forces or police kill someone.
This video was played by Manning's defense at his trial to show examples of why he became disillusioned with .mil tactics and why he tried to expose them. The judge stopped it halfway through as irrelevant to the case. This was classified info until Manning released it. Warning there is graphic death and mayhem
portrayed, don't open it if you can't stomach it. The national OathKeepers are having their patriot convention in Idaho this weekend and some have taken exception to my use of the term OathKeepers PatCon. To make the assumption that military are OK to call themselves OathKeepers and civilian police are not is an error rooted in personal bias not reality. There are good and bad in both camps and we need to welcome the good ones to our ranks and know who the bad are.

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