Thursday, July 11, 2013

US/Russia Agreement

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Normally I am all for improving relations and coordination with the people and government of Russia.
I have even gone there myself many times in order to do so, but is this what Obama referred to when he told Putin, "I will have more flexibility after the election" prior to his reelection ? Or is this the first sign of something more sinister ?
I wonder how thats going to work when we have Russian security agents at "mass events?"
What might those events be, the next Boston Marathon or the next protest rally in Raleigh NC ?
We already have concerns about our civilian police becoming military and less beholden to the communities they serve and our military being used against private persons engaged in Constitutionally guaranteed activities. We already have concern about two new three letter agencies, DHS and TSA's over-reaching police powers. We already have concerns about the NSA searching through our private messages, financial affairs and phone calls as if we were in George Orwell's 1984. We already have concerns about the POTUS using powerful agencies (IRS) to target and harm political opponents. We already have concerns that every time our Congress tries to get to the bottom of something and find the truth they get nothing but silence, obstruction and lying from member of this administration. We have way too many concerns to add this one to the list as well.
And why wasn't this announced in any of our media in the US?
And when were the people of USA ever asked if they wanted armed foreign nationals on our soil helping to enforce laws ?

The document provides for expert cooperation in disaster response operations and to study the latest practices.

In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.
At the end of the meeting the parties expressed their satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States in the area of emergency prevention and response and agreed to develop it in order to respond efficiently to all kinds of disasters.

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