Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The below you tube video illustrates an example of my contention that American patriots wishing to effect a change in our government should learn to be careful who they get in bed with and whose work and agenda they promote. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" may be an old mid-eastern concept but its not going to work for us. The video below tells the story of the group Anonymous, a computer activist group which tries to disrupt government and corporate abilities to function. It talks about one incident in which Germany was deporting immigrants back to their home countries. Anonymous hackers invaded the Lufthansa website, the airline contracted for transport, and shut it down for most of a day. Everyone knows European countries and some American regions have a growing problem with the clash of cultures unrestrained immigration brings. Why shouldn't a culture and a country be able to at least return people who are there illegally to their homelands? If you go to any country in the world illegally, they are going to send your butt home as fast as they can. Yet somehow its not allowed for western European countries and America to do this ? The group Anonymous has no right to interfere with a culture trying to protect its national sovereignty. Are not so-called patriots enraged at Obama and the DOJ for promoting illegal immigrants? Do we not have a massive problem with illegal aliens in America? Are Patriot groups now supposed to applaud groups like Anonymous just because they interfere with legitimate government efforts to maintain order ? If you think so then you are an ANARCHIST, not a Patriot. The true patriot websites openly state, anarchist do not need to apply, your agenda has nothing to do with liberty and freedom. The founders of these United States would have shot you on sight the minute they laid eyes on you because anarchist are nothing but pirates, highwaymen, horse-thieves and other types of worthless scoundrels.

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