Sunday, August 18, 2013

BBC Documentary - Stupidity "Full Movie"

BBC Documentary - Stupidity "Full Movie"

At a point in human history when all the accumulated knowledge known to man, which is easily accessible
by the greatest majority of people worldwide, how can so many people be so damn stupid?
My definition of stupidity is you can help ignorance with night school, there isn't a damn thing you can do
about stupidity. The attribute of stupidity seems to go hand in hand with mean. That is the worst kind of
person in my opinion, mean and stupid. The good thing about mean stupid people ? You don't feel bad when
they force you to give them a dirt nap.
For years I have enjoyed reading the famous annual Darwin Awards. They scour the news media, police records and emergency departments worldwide to locate and nominate the most creative examples of people who find a way to remove themselves from the shallow end of the gene pool. There are hundreds of nominates but to make the top ten you have to actually succeed in your efforts.
Read them HERE.

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