Thursday, August 29, 2013

Double Cross: The True Story Of The D-Day Spies (Documentary)

As you watch this documentary, think about the web of lies we are being fed today.
It has increased exponentially since WW2 to the point the average person has no idea
what or who to believe. Along with the increase in elaborateness of the misinformation,
so has the increase in the risk to humanity. On one man's decision whether to invade Syria hinges the entire future of humanity and that man has been caught in one lie
after another. Just look at it from a logistical point if you don't know what to think.
At a time when our military is being drastically cut, our troops fatigued and spread
way too thin from ten years of war, this man wants to ramp up and expand our fight to
include new enemies who have been sitting on the sidelines. If you still can't figure
it out, there is one last resource, which should have been your first all along. If you
sincerely ask for God's guidance through prayer and meditation, you will be given the
answers you seek. That may be the problem for America today, not enough people asking
for God's help.

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