Friday, August 30, 2013


Anytime we are approaching a pivotal military foreign policy act I can't figure out entirely, I always consult with a famous curmudgeon sociopath whose thinking and wit I admire. Its sort of like visiting your favorite philosopher for advice and instead of finding him on a mountain top in Nepal, there he is on a bar stool at the neighborhood pub every night. In this case you too can find Fred Reed here anytime day or night, 24/7 and if you're lucky, in addition to learning something, he just might buy you a drink, or maybe stiff you with the tab. You never know which it'll be.

Disordered Ramblings on Martial Prowess

"Current Pentagonal thinking, if that is quite the word I want, is to impose Full Speculum Dominance, I believe it´s called, and control the world. A Full Speculum is full of very pricey fighters of little military use, marvelous warships of little military use, and glorious tanks of little military use. They cheifly serve to get us in trouble in places where we shouldn´t be in the first place. (Pesky military historians note that World War Two ended 68 years ago, but apparently the Pentagon thinks it might come back. Perhaps it is in hiding somewhere.)

Our global strategy is to surround Russia with military bases and missiles, and similarly to surround Iran and China. This latter is like an aging bull terrier trying to surround a frisky Rottweiler pup that is reaching puberty. The portents are sub-optimal. Anyway, when you have surrounded China, what does it buy you? Given our sorry record against several thousands of annoyed peasants in the bush world, do we figure to land at Shanghai and take on a billion Han Chinese? What could be a better idea?"

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