Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In The City

 Posting this because the Eagles were one of my all time favorite bands and it has a cute chick
blasting bad guys and it reminds me of the time I got to play Joe Walsh's guitar he recorded
Hotel California with. They have it in a museum at Hard Rock Cafe in London. If the manager likes
you he will take you on a private tour to see their collection which covers all the legends of rock
like Eric Clapton's red Fender and Hendrix's Flying V. They only got upset when my wife put on
Bo Diddley's hat  to pose for a picture.
This was the very first Hard Rock Cafe and if you're in London its one of the must see places along with
the Tower of London and the Changing of the Guard at Buchingham and Westminster Abbey.
Hard Rock Cafe

Link to Hard Rock's Vault where all the good stuff is stored.

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