Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama's Facebook Page

This post is dedicated to my brothers and sisters still serving in harms way. I know you are starting
to lose faith in the value of what you are doing. I pray not another one of you is wounded or killed
during all this but keep faith, the America you signed up to serve is still here and those of us left will
help to rebuild her. She has been in a deep sleep and is slowly waking up.
I Love it. Egyptian's are posting on Obama's Facebook, to leave them alone and stop supporting terrorist. Check it out, HERE.
We are about to lose a key mid-eastern partner because of Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Pro-military Egyptians are leaning toward an alliance with Russia instead of USA.
Meanwhile polls in Israel show only ten percent of Israelis have a favorable impression of him.
Thank you Obama, by the time you are done, we won't have any friends left in the region.
Im starting to think all Americans need to start following Egypt's example.

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