Thursday, August 1, 2013

Solving Political Math Questions For X

Since I have been blogging, it seems I have been scratching my head over why it is that people in the liberty, founding principles, restore the Constitution, or what ever you want to call it movement, can't seem to agree on anything. Sometimes its comical, sometimes down right sad. You would think the concept of "why don't we reinstate the US Constitution to the original intent of the founders", would be fairly simple. Not these days it ain't. The Tea Party/Republican/Conservative party is so fragmented between different groups that at times
I believe anarchist are the only ones with a clear purpose. And they are freakin insane.
By reading different researchers and authors I have been able to understand that there is overlapping of principles. At times a libertarian's actions will resemble that of a OWS leftist who wishes to destroy America's economy without regard to the devastation that will cause to individual people. At times people who label themselves conservative constitutional patriots behavior will resemble something any  diehard communist could come up with right out of Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" playbook. If you are naive enough to think the Cold War is dead and the Russian Government is not busy still trying to harm and ideally topple the American system of government, then you aren't just uninformed and naive, you are either one of them or beyond hopeless. Here are two links that I have found helpful in understanding this question regarding why
we can't seem to get our S**T together.
Nolan Chart
World's Smallest Political Quiz
I also recommend reading David Yeagley's latest at Bad Eagle titled "More Radical Suggestions"
He is pretty aware and articulate.See if you can figure out where on the political spectrum he is and then
compare it to your belief set.
Keep in mind he comes from a recent ancestory of proud warrior, completely free of government then totally subjugated and forced into dismal internment camps. You would assume that if anyone would have an axe to grind with the US government, it would be him. Like I said, there are many writers much better at this than I am.

                  The Nolan chart, with the traditional left-right political spectrum on the dashed diagonal 

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews calls Sen. Ted Cruz a “terrorist”

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