Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sultan Knish: Send in the Obama Clowns

Sultan Knish: Send in the Obama Clowns

 Im wondering if one rodeo clown is this much of a threat to receive such harsh treatment, what is in store for the untold number of militias and others who don't have a sense of humor ? What are they going to be banned for life from ? And is bullshit the new PC banned word like Chicago or freshman or brown-bagging ? Will the new Sicinius regard us all as Coriolanus and banish us from Rome ? Will our revenge falter when they send our wives and children to plead with us ? Or will the empire crumble when King Lear divides it up for those who flatter him the most ? William Shakespeare either knew the human heart or was a prophet
before his time. The Sultan is pretty good too.

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