Monday, August 12, 2013

The Dangers Facing Revolutionary Governments

Eeban Barlow writes an excellent analysis of revolutionary governments, titled " The Dangers Facing Revolutionary Governments ", and the reasons many become failed states. One has only to read his list of reasons to see the connection to the US," patriot/restore the constitution," movement to understand not only why it will not succeed in its present state but will never get off the ground in the first place. Instead of trying to unite and include average Americans, every group I have encountered is doing the best it can to exclude everyone who doesn't think exactly like they do and tow their specific party line. Here is a great example of what I mean;
I encourage you to read Mr. Yukon Jack's article and see the kind of muddled and hypocritical thinking I am concerned about from this self-proclaimed patriot and others like him.
Of course these same points apply equally to the Obama regime, as it is a so-called revolutionary government.  "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" Anybody remember this from his 2008 campaign?
I encourage everyone I know to begin coming to terms with and uniting everyone within their circle of
associates and sorting out their differences. If the feces does hit the fan it will have immediate and long-lasting
benefits for you. Even if that never happens you will have gained new knowledge and made new friends.
Get off your sofa and out from in front of your TV and begin working with your neighbors and friends to be
ready no matter what happens. I assume if you are reading this you are either already
heading in that direction or a NSA troll just keeping track of me. Both of you should be thinking about this
stuff for yourselves and your families.
Barlow's points to consider:

1.     An over optimistic view of the future
2.     A belief that the majority of the populace share their visions for the future
3.     A lack of strategic, operational and tactical intelligence
4.     Lack of – or a fractured grand strategy
5.     Lack of – or a fractured national security strategy
6.     Lack of an acceptable Constitution
7.     A weak central government
8.     Fragmented powerbases
9.     Fragmented popular support
10.  Porous borders
11.  A lack of basic services
12.  A breakdown of law and order coupled to an increase in general and organised crime
13.  The uncontrolled flow of weapons
14.  Strong militia groups, each with their own agenda
15.  Disunity of the security forces coupled to questionable loyalty
16.  The polarisation of popular support that can result in assassinations, bombings, protests etc.
17.  A lack of cohesion, communication and cooperation between the security forces
18.  An increase in Internally Displaced People (IDPs)


  1. "Instead of trying to unite and include average Americans, every group I have encountered is doing the best it can to exclude everyone who doesn't think exactly like they do and tow their specific party line."

    That simple statement is a pretty fair summation of the "patriot community" in this country. The traditional definition of "American Patriot" was someone fiercely devoted to and protective of the founding ideals of this nation -- freedom and liberty for all to pursue their lives in a manner of their own choosing without restriction so long as they didn't interfere with or restrict the liberty/freedom/lives of others.

    While some of the groups/individuals promoting the "return to liberty" movement by standing up to and defeating the tyranny of the current corrupt ruling class are advocating for just that -- true individual liberty for one and all, the rightful liberty of unobstructed freedom -- over half of the groups are in reality just seeking to replace the existing tyranny with one of their own design, placing themselves as the ultimate arbiters as to how society shall function. If you don't accept their religion (whatever it may be including humanism in some cases), their political philosophy and laws, or if you skin is a different shade than they prefer, you are automatically to be excluded, not trusted and treated as a mortal enemy.

    That's not liberty nor is it a return to our founding documents. America (not the corporate United States of America we have become) was founded on the principles so eloquently penned in the Declaration of Independence:"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

    It does not say that those pursuits can only be in accordance to what a self proclaimed authoritative unit dictates, it means that every man, woman and child is free to pursue their dreams, their liberty, their peace so long as they don't tread on another.

    Many of the groups claiming to be patriots, liberty loving Americans are nothing more than another version of the petty tyrants currently exercising faux power over us now. They want to replace the current rulers with themselves and their personal concepts of righteousness as the law of the land.

    It's not only pretty difficult to pull together a united front to face our current tyrants, it would be just as contentious after the fall of the current tyrants if each and every group insists that everything be done according to their views of right and wrong, freedom and liberty to the exclusion of other views.

    Replacing one set of tyrants with another is a loosing proposition that will not only never gain traction, but would benefit no one in the long run. Fighting for liberty means putting aside our petty differences and uniting against the corrupt tyrants wielding unrighteous power over us now. After liberty is won -- and it can be won if presenting a united front against tyranny -- it means respecting that liberty and letting people live as they choose so long as they don't unlawfully -- unrighteously -- trespass on the lives and liberty of others.

  2. Well spoken Sir, somehow there must be a voice which will do this and unite us once more into a cohesive common-cause and people learn to discard the
    posers who try to jump on the liberty bandwagon.
    Flash Mobs are easier to organize than patriot groups. If this doesn't happen soon, militias will be the only recourse left to correct tyranny. Everyone who says they don't want to see that happen, both left and right, seem to be doing their best to insure it does..

  3. "I don't want to live under a Christian theocracy, any more than I want to live under an Islamist theocracy." --Me, at every single class I teach, when explaining to people that it's about individual liberties, not Christian fundamentalism.


  4. Thank you for reposting my piece on Revolutionary Governments, SF Medic.
    Thank you too for your concerns about what is happening in Africa, despite you being far removed from our continent.