Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vancouver Police Beanbag

With all the negative press police are getting these days I thought I would post this
to remind everyone, most police are there to protect the public by the least harmful
means. They are not yet full-fledged stormtroopers. In my day this guy would have probably been shot by a 38 or 357 magnum, not a harmless beanbag.


  1. Actually, it looks like they handled that rather well. I am sure he was warned multiple times before being pelted with the bag, and in my opinion I applaud them using the LTL ammo to arrest the perp.

    Another good example I saw recently was on the tv show "Wild Justice". Perp was warned multiple times to surrender or they were going to release the dog. Even warned him that if they did release the dog he was probably going to be bitten.

    Of course he didn't give up....but you know what they say. You can't fix stupid.