Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ground Zero Syria

I am posting this for a number of reasons, to show fellow Americans what a civil war is like from the front lines in hopes they will not be so eager to have one here, to help people understand more about why the current Obama plan is stupid and ineffective, and to show what people can do when they have a just cause. Toward the end of the video, the real Syrian fighters (not the jihadist)show off a 20mm anti-aircraft cannon they built from spare parts. I do not like or support Assad and think he is a brutal murderous dictator that needed to be taken down. I think even less of the insurgents currently fighting in Syria. The time to have done that was at the beginning when it was mainly local Syrians who wanted to remove him.
Now that he has killed 100,000 of his people and displaced 2 million others, foreign fighter have moved in of the Jihadist brand. They will not leave until they are killed or take over the country. Anything we do now only aids our sworn enemies, fundamentalist Islamist and Jihadist. Russia is correct, at this point the only sane course is for us to aid Assad and remove the foreign fighters, then we can sort out the mess and try to help the indigenous Syrian people. As usual Obama is doing everything backwards by ignoring a developing problem until it gets out of control and then jumping in without knowing what he is doing. So now he wants to bomb Syria because Syria is bombing Syria. How sane is that?


  1. The problem I see in Syria, and most other countries, is that they are political bodies rather than nations in the original sense of the word. Syria is an amalgam of several different peoples, a proposition nations if you will, much like Yugoslavia was or the US is. These kinds of entities don't allow for liberty or soft governance because the fundamental values of the society are at odds.

    Take for example, Rome, the USSR or, increasingly, the US. None of these countries was/is made up of a single group and none of them had limited government. Freedom requires a society with a unified culture, meaning similar core values and history. Government is necessary where people interact, good government prevents strife, it greases the friction between groups. When your society is comprised of disparate value systems (for instance, various islams and Christianity) government has to be more involved to prevent healthy competition from becoming violence.

    Assad is not a "good guy", but he is playing the part in this story. He has a disunified society of groups who will try to exterminate each other without a strong hand holding them back. To remove Assad, assuming you want a peaceful society afterwards, would mean breaking Syria into several ethnicly and religiously homogenous countries. There is no other answer in Syria, either a somewhat repressive government holds it together or it breaks up. I think the chances for a peaceful break up a la Czechoslovakio have long since past, Yugoslavia is the only option, now.

    For the record, I don't think we should be involved at all. Let it blow up in Russia and Iran's faces.

  2. Again you are absolutely right and echo my sentiments precisely.
    Having spent over ten years in various Arab and African lands I will say
    without any doubt, the strong hands of government are absolutely necessary.
    The people have no self discipline when it comes to others rights except
    where Christianity has made strong advances.
    Our government doesn't seem to get this, or maybe it does and this is why they
    are insisting on supporting the exact wrong people who will eradicate any signs
    of an orderly just society. There of plenty of examples of the barbaric acts from
    the people we support in the public domain and yet European and American leaders try to hide them and keep encouraging their mass migration from their homelands to further their cause. Sweden has just announced they will welcome Syrian refugees with open arms. Soon American society and culture will look like any other third world country.