Thursday, September 5, 2013

Marcus Hill for Raleigh City Council

I am posting this as a PSA. This is how we will turn the tables on 50 years of
leftist and socialist agenda in America, by getting good patriots like Marcus
elected in NC. If you are searching for a way to avoid civil war and the ensueing
bloodshed it will involve, this is the way. I endorse Marcus for Raleigh City Council.

"My campaign for Raleigh City Council is getting off to a great start with lots of supporters and volunteers ready to knock on doors and making phone calls.  This, alongside the internet, helps create a "buzz" around a campaign and a candidate.  The internet is where I need you... what I need you to do is something you may do everyday anyway... go to your facebook, if you have one.  On your facebook page please post "Free Raleigh Elect Marcus Hill" alongside the video found here (Preview)   I am hoping that the direct question to the Raleigh City Manager about the role of the Raleigh Sustainability Office in sustaining property rights, and the fact that Mayor McFarlane did not allow him to answer is heard by many.  It is proof positive of the ubiquity and level of control UN Agenda21 has over local governments.  I also hope that the verified fact that Raleigh adds a chemical weapon to the water is brought to greater light for more people.  It doesn't matter if you live in Raleigh, or in the USA.  The internet buzz your help promoting this video and the phrase "Free Raleigh Elect Marcus Hill" will generate will not only help my campaign for Raleigh City Council District C, but will help advance the cause of freedom and property rights worldwide. I hope I can count on you!!!"

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