Sunday, September 22, 2013

Night Vision

"Not everyone has Night Observation/Vision Devices available to them….yet. Many seem to believe that without night vision, one can’t do anything once the sun goes down and therefore, if it’s dark, whoever the opponent is with the most NVD owns the night. When discussing from the perspective of protecting the home and local neighborhood, the subject sometimes is so overwhelming that the thought of operating without NVD’s, street lights, or other forms of artificial light almost paralyzes otherwise adequately trained people.
DTG holds a different view: Low tech can, and in many cases will, overcome high tech, so long as the practicioner understands what he or she must master in order to achieve that goal."

This article discusses how to improve your night vision the old fashioned low tech way.
Courtesy of DTG, read it HERE.
If you want a pair of the sunglasses they recommend you can get them HERE.
These also give excellent ballistic protection and have been proven in OIF/OEF.
There are many ways NVG can be defeated with low tech approaches, just ask the
Taliban or someone who has studied their tactics.

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