Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recently Formed Syrian NDF

Here is another reason I know Assad did not use Sarin gas and the rebels did, He is winning the war, why
would he do that and risk what almost happened and may yet still, American air strikes ? He has plenty of
boots on the ground and plenty of conventional weapons to use against the Sunni Arab and American funded
jihadist who are trying to take over Syria. The above video is of the newly formed Syrian National Defense Force, people of Syria who want to prevent the fundamentalist Islamic takeover of their country. They also have Iranian military advisers with boots on the ground as the video below shows. Our "intelligence" community whose main purpose is to advise the President and the military of threats to America, must have been giving Obama some bad intel if he has the idea he can bomb Syria without any blow back on a massive scale. I used to think my enemies were who my government told me they were, mainly Russia and Iran, until I went to both countries and met their people. The people of both countries are no more our enemies than the average person you might meet on the street here. I suppose that depends these days on what part of town you are in but you get my point. Most people don't know this but the day after 911, there were 20,000
Iranians on the streets of Tehran shouting "Death to Terrorist, Support USA". For ten years I have been dismayed that muslims did not stand up and protest more against jihadist and fundamentalist if they are the so-called "religion of peace" Well folks, here are some doing that, in Syria, and our government wants to bomb them ? Oh yeah, thats going to further our vital interest and protect our country says the Idiot-In-Chief.

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