Tuesday, September 10, 2013

US troops join Australian army

Operation Slipper
Perthnow News
The Australian Defence Force is inviting former foreign military personnel to apply for roles it says cannot be filled here.
The scheme is attracting huge interest overseas with officers tempted by the higher pay and the ADF's offer to cover relocations costs.
Vacancies in the Australian army range from surveillance and field artillery specialists to intelligence and military police officers while the Royal Australian Navy is inviting serving or recently discharged officers and sailors with expertise in maritime warfare.
"The introduction of the three Hobart-class air warfare destroyers from 2014 also demands skill sets not available in the RAN, including AEGIS weapons-system experience," it said.
The Royal Australian Air Force wants overseas fighter pilots and qualified test pilots with fixed wing, multi-engine aircraft experience.
US military publications have seized on the ADF overseas recruitment offers. The latest Stars and Stripes edition highlighted the often-improved pay rates Down Under.
The annual base pay for an E-5 staff sergeant with six-years experience in the US was $31,946 compared with $57,277 here.
An O-3 captain with six years experience earned $63,263, compared with $66,417 in the ADF.

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