Wednesday, September 11, 2013

US Warships Deliver Message To Syria

Dear Comrades,

In a special telegram delivered by USSA Navy warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, Comrade Party Chairman Barack Barackovich Obama has issued an ultimatum to President Bashar al-Assad: resign so that the Syrian people can elect Mohammed Morsi as President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Comrade Obama realized that Mohammed Morsi was the ‘right president for the wrong country’ after the recent protests in Egypt caused the White Fortress to reconsider the situation. In consultation with Saudi Arabia, Comrade Obama decided that President Morsi needs a ‘fresh start’ to begin anew his political career.

Because President Assad is mismanaging the war and allowing chemical agents to be used in his nation, the Party has determined that he has terminated his legitimacy as leader of Syria. Meanwhile, he has also offended the sensibilities of Moslems throughout the “Bedouin’s Paradise” of the Middle East and established himself as a counter-revolutionary force against not only the ‘Arab Spring’ but the ‘American Summer.’

President Morsi is the perfect candidate for Syria, commingling his Islamic Fundamentalism with a firm determination to rule his nation according to the Democratic Socialist principle of ‘One Man, One Vote, One Time.’ - See more at:

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