Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Biggest Wave Ever: Brazilian Surfer Carlos Burle May Have Surfed the Biggest Wave Ever

carlos-burle-big-wave-642-380 he may have done so shortly after just casually saving a friend from drowning.

Brazilian Carlos Burle, surfer and owner of huge balls, was surfing the mega-wave spot of Nazaré, Portugal, when his friend and fellow big-wave surfer Maya Gabiera wiped out and was knocked unconscious in the water. Burle reportedly collected Gabiera on a jetski and took her to shore, where other surfers performed CPR and she was taken to hospital, where she remains in good condition, suffering only a broken ankle.

For most people, that would be enough excitement for one day. But not Carlos Burle. He channelled his inner madman and headed back out into the surf, catching this stupidly big wave, which might just turn out be the biggest in history.

The Guiness World Record for the ballsiest man alive highest wave ever surfed is currently held by Hawaiian Garrett McNamara, who caught a hundred-foot monster at the same surf break in January. Burle is awaiting confirmation that his wave broke the record, with onlookers estimating that his wave could have been almost 20 feet higher than McNamara's. Burle is the teeny-tiny speck in the spine-tinglingly huge surge of water in the utterly terrifying picture above.
"It was luck. We never know when we will be catching the wave." Burle told Surfer Today after his death defying display. "I still hadn't surfed any wave and everyone had already had their rides. Maya almost died. For me, it was a big adrenaline moment to get back there after what happened." 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Stand

I have been working on preparing for social collapse for a number of years. During that time I have met a number of individuals who I trust with my life and dearest possessions. I have also met a number of individuals who cloak themselves in patriotism and speak as if they are intimate friends with the founders of this Republic. To hear them tell it, they stood shoulder to shoulder with the minutemen on Lexington Green and years latter led a Confederate charge at Gettysburg. Most of us old military guys and former cops don't have a hard time discerning who exactly just "talks the talk." I have politely let it be known where I stand and what I will do when SHTF occurs. In case you are one of the latter crowd and just haven't gotten it yet here it is again. I do not care for anarchist, communist, socialist, progressives, liberals, muslims and others with dangerous mental disorders. I don't care if you're a Christian or not just so long as you understand and accept God's Ten Commandants. They are pretty much universal standards of decency in all cultures of the world. But don't start preaching Islam to me, thats the one my tolerance does a nose-dive with. My most recent effort toward restoring rightful liberty in America is to join Oathkeepers and help build a local chapter for them.

My next effort will be to disassociate from all people on the internet and in-person who I do not feel really understands what "rightful liberty" means. People I believe are just opportunist using the conservative revival for personal gain and anarchist who just want chaos to develop or may even be government plants who are doing what they are told. I also won't be having much to do with the feeble-minded who can't figure all this out. There are people on the internet and in community groups who are upstanding patriots and who are trying to help good people have a say, Wild Bill for America and Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs are just two. Here is another;
Bottom line is this; If you are one of those who postulate ideas such as, when the feces does fly, "Even the little old lady working in the tax office will be a target for killing by patriots." Or that Americans like Navy SEAL Chris Kyle deserved to be murdered because he did the work of the regime.
It is my belief the founders of this country, people you anarchist frequently quote, would have shot you on sight as nothing more than con-men, scoundrels and highwaymen. If you want to know what sort of people you are associating with just pay attention to what they say and who comments on their websites.Its not hard to see who the real problems in this country are. You will find them on both sides of the aisle.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Battle for Marjah

As we wind down our troops in Afghanistan, it is important to take stock of lessons learned. This is what a war-torn country looks like after 10 years of war with the Russians, rule by the Taliban for another 10 years and now 12 years of war with us. One big lesson learned is that COIN operations, at least the way we have been doing them, do not work with a people who have lived the way Afghans have been forced to live. You will hear the CIC talking about how we are making a difference in Marjah and Kandahar and are close to
achieving our objectives of giving the people of Afghanistan the freedom to govern themselves. Then you should compare what he says to the words you hear our Generals, Soldiers and Afghan people speaking in this film. One of the snipers the Marines were forced to kill was a local Afghan man, who allegedly did not belong to the Taliban but managed to kill 3 Marines with a WWII  8mm Mauser. He was probably just tired of people with guns coming to his village and decided enough was enough. I resent strongly that my government sends our best to die in such pointless operations and then just walk away from a place of misery they have helped to create. Yes the Taliban sheltered Bin Laden and yes we needed to kill him. He left Afghanistan 30 days after we put boots on the ground 12 years ago. So far we have suffered 3,389 US and allied military deaths during this war. Civilians have suffered an equal number, three fourths of those deaths were caused by insurgents with women and children being targeted in areas we withdraw from. The Taliban especially seek out anyone who has cooperated with coalition forces. We are soon going to join the annals of previous empires who have arrogantly invaded Afghanistan and then slunk away with a stinging ass-spanking. And for what ? One of my cherished war trophies from there is a Russian samovar dated 1889 and has an engraving of Tsar Nicholas II on it. I wonder what artifacts of invasion we leave behind someone will one day find and cherish ?

Soldiers Deck of Cards

Josh Hargis, a Ranger with the 3rd Ranger Battalion, was wounded last week in the attack that left four other members of his team dead. The 3rd was conducting a mission to try to capture a HVT(High Value Target), in the Panjwai district of Afghanistan.

This is what Josh’s wife Taylor posted to her FB:

I received this picture today along with a letter from the commander of the team Josh was a part of on the night of his injuries. A letter to explain to me what kind of man I have the privilege of being married to. He explained to me what happened and what was going on in the picture.

“Josh was seriously wounded as you know, and survived for almost two hours after his injury before arriving to the hospital. Josh was immediately pushed through a series of surgeries and emerged hours later into an intensive care unit here at our base in Afghanistan.
Despite being in intense pain and mental duress, Josh remained alert and compassionate to the limited Rangers that were allowed to visit his bedside. Prior to Josh being moved to Germany for his eventual flight to America, we conducted a ceremony to award him with the Purple Heart for wounds received in action.
A simple ceremony, you can picture a room full of Rangers, leaders, doctors, and nurses surrounding his bedside while the Ranger Regimental Commander pinned the Purple Heart to his blanket. During the presentation the Commander publishes the official orders verbally and leaned over Josh to thank him for his sacrifice.
Josh, whom everybody in the room (over 50 people) assumed to be unconscious, began to move his right arm under the blanket in a diligent effort to salute the Commander as is customary during these ceremonies. Despite his wounds, wrappings, tubes, and pain, Josh fought the doctor who was trying to restrain his right arm and rendered the most beautiful salute any person in that room had ever seen.
I cannot impart on you the level of emotion that poured through the intensive care unit that day. Grown men began to weep and we were speechless at a gesture that speak volumes about Josh’s courage and character. The picture, which we believe belongs on every news channel and every news paper is attached. I have it hanging above my desk now and will remember it as the single greatest event I have witnessed in my ten years in the Army.”

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Soldier Reflects: Spirit of Service Lost in American Politicians

So there I was, no shit, sweating like crazy off in the heat of a dark, muggy Georgia night in July. Packed into a barracks filled with 49 other sweaty bastards, completely bewildered, wondering how the hell I ended up at United States Army Infantry Basic Training at the age of 17, a mere month after graduating from high school.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Army nurse from JBLM killed with Special Operations team in Kandahar

By refusing to even talk with conservative legislators this week and ordering the Pentagon to not pay death benefits for soldiers killed in battle this is one example of what his evil Socialist agenda is doing.

A Madigan Army Medical Center nurse serving alongside an elite Special Operations Force in Afghanistan was killed Sunday by an enemy attack that also took the lives of three fellow soldiers from other military bases.
Lt. Jennifer Moreno, 25, belonged to a joint Special Operations cultural support team. It’s one of few ways for female soldiers to go out on combat missions with all male Army Ranger or Green Beret teams.
“We’ve lost a superb officer and a caring nurse who served with marked distinction and honor throughout her career,” said Madigan Command Col. Ramona Fiorey. “We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of this great American soldier.”
Madigan’s medical staff occasionally deploys in small numbers to support soldiers in combat. Army records show that Moreno was the first soldier to die in Iraq or Afghanistan while serving under Madigan’s flag.
Moreno was killed in the Zhari District of Kandahar province with Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, 25, Pfc. Cody Patterson, 24, and Sgt. Joseph Peters, 24.
Hawkins and Patterson served out of Fort Benning, Ga. with the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Peters belonged to the 5th Military Police Battalion out of Vicenza, Italy.
They were hit during a night mission that prevented a high-profile suicide attack in the city of Kandahar, Ranger Regiment spokeswoman Tracy Bailey said. Another person wearing a suicide bomb detonated near the Ranger-led patrol, and then a series of other bombs exploded.
In addition to the four fatal casualties, 30 soldiers were wounded by the explosions, Bailey said.
Moreno was born in San Diego. She received her commission as an Army officer after graduating from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor of science degree.
She graduated from the Army airborne course in 2009 and arrived at Madigan in 2010, where she served as a clinical staff nurse in a medical surgical unit.
Moreno sought an assignment with the Army Special Operations Command Cultural Support Team program and deployed in June.
The assignment calls on American women to interact with Afghan females to gain information that might not be available to male soldiers because of cultural differences. In October 2011, medic Lt. Ashley White was killed on a mission in Afghanistan with two Rangers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
Moreno “was a talented member of our team who lost her life while serving her country in one of the most dangerous environments in the world,” said Lt. Col. Patrick J. Ellis, commander of 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. “Her bravery and self-sacrifice were in keeping with the highest traditions of the 75th Ranger Regiment. She was making a difference in Afghanistan and that legacy will live on.”
Moreno is survived by her mother and two sisters in San Diego. Her brother serves in the Army.

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The Obama Regime

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