Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Battle for Marjah

As we wind down our troops in Afghanistan, it is important to take stock of lessons learned. This is what a war-torn country looks like after 10 years of war with the Russians, rule by the Taliban for another 10 years and now 12 years of war with us. One big lesson learned is that COIN operations, at least the way we have been doing them, do not work with a people who have lived the way Afghans have been forced to live. You will hear the CIC talking about how we are making a difference in Marjah and Kandahar and are close to
achieving our objectives of giving the people of Afghanistan the freedom to govern themselves. Then you should compare what he says to the words you hear our Generals, Soldiers and Afghan people speaking in this film. One of the snipers the Marines were forced to kill was a local Afghan man, who allegedly did not belong to the Taliban but managed to kill 3 Marines with a WWII  8mm Mauser. He was probably just tired of people with guns coming to his village and decided enough was enough. I resent strongly that my government sends our best to die in such pointless operations and then just walk away from a place of misery they have helped to create. Yes the Taliban sheltered Bin Laden and yes we needed to kill him. He left Afghanistan 30 days after we put boots on the ground 12 years ago. So far we have suffered 3,389 US and allied military deaths during this war. Civilians have suffered an equal number, three fourths of those deaths were caused by insurgents with women and children being targeted in areas we withdraw from. The Taliban especially seek out anyone who has cooperated with coalition forces. We are soon going to join the annals of previous empires who have arrogantly invaded Afghanistan and then slunk away with a stinging ass-spanking. And for what ? One of my cherished war trophies from there is a Russian samovar dated 1889 and has an engraving of Tsar Nicholas II on it. I wonder what artifacts of invasion we leave behind someone will one day find and cherish ?

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  1. Many of us are asking the same question, me included, Why ? I do not know how to answer the wounded vets I have patched up who ask me that question.