Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walter Cronkite Says Globalists Serve Satan!

I am astounded to the point of being almost speechless at this. I had always considered Walter Cronkite to be one of the eminent newsmen and spokesmen of the WW2 generation and reflected their values well.
Now I learn that he is one of the early supporters of the leftist, and I believe Satanic, agenda in America.
He is right up there with Saul Alinsky and maybe more of a threat because he appeared on national TV for decades. Watch as he states, " Join me, I'm proud to sit at thr right hand of Satan."

This extended version has the guest speaker Hillary Clinton praising his work

Folks we are not only in a battle for our individual liberty and freedom, we are in a war with
Satan himself and have been for a long time, we just didn't know it, and guess what ? He is winning so far.

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