Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bundy Ranch

From Storm Clouds Gathering and what you're not being told about the BLM/Bundy Ranch fiasco.


  1. Here's a little pessimism to darken your day:

    I hate that law is applied arbitrarily and to the detriment of US citizens and to the benefit a foreign nation, a nation that I believe is an enemy. I hate it even more because it will lead to a total breakdown of society as even the good guys lose all respect for the law.

  2. I agree that it is the legal fly in the ointment of our so finely honed patriot sentiments, i.e. they do have the right "under law" to control the land, however that does not take into account a thing called common law which is the law that has been followed by peoples for generations and becomes accepted as fact and is enforced by judiciary. Remember that King George's men and loyalist were acting under the authority of the law as were Adolph Hitler's men when they were so rudely stopped by common men under common law.
    Bundy's ancestors were raising cattle there before there was a State of Nevada or BLM.