Thursday, April 10, 2014

Protest At Bundy Ranch in Nevada

I am starting to wonder if the federal government is trying to trigger another Waco or Ruby Ridge in
their attempt to deprive rancher Cliven Bundy of his right to his livelihood, raising meat for your and my table. It seems that making their point to the citizenry of these United States, in which they are all powerful and no one should dare defy them, they are running dangerously close. Especially when the majority of the country are already fed up with the mess they have created elsewhere and the constant abuses of their authority which is derived from our consent. If they are looking for the match to light this fire, they may have found it, but just remember this Washington DC, there are millions of people hoping you will set the tender on fire. That authority you hold, granted from us, can just as well be removed in the right circumstances. Look around you, half the world is trying to burn down their capitols and replace their governments. If you start that here, it will be the largest insurgency the world has ever known. You don't care ? We will see about that. I am hoping you come to your senses soon and start doing what we pay you to do, protect the citizens, or I am afraid you may get fired from your jobs.

 Update: Word on the street from sources close to the militia movement is that up to 5,000 armed militia members will be arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada sometime today. 


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