Monday, April 7, 2014

TCCC Prereqs

Sorry for not keeping up with this much lately, other priorities and all. Hey, it ain't easy being a farmer these days.
This post is directed to anyone wishing to take a TCCC course,........anywhere. One of the nice things about training military and PD groups is, they come with the tactical knowledge to work well together as squads and platoons and not get themselves killed. They could work out a squad assault problem if they were in a coma.

The problem in training civilian groups is, they usually have at most one or two members who have any serious military background. I often end up during the FTX with a bunch of folks who absorbed the medical lessons from the battlefield and would be able to apply them, if they didn't get themselves killed during engagement. While my course is a tactical medical course, there is just not enough time to teach tactics as well as battlefield emergency medicine. You need to have a firm understanding of basic military tactics such as patrol formation and movement, react to contact and disengagement drills, radio communications and command and control elements. Please learn these things either from trainers like Max V or MountaiGuerilla or Defense Training Group or someone with a solid military background before attempting the TCCC course. Here are a couple of good youtubes to get you started.
Max V
John Mosby
Combat Studies Group

DanMorgan76 is a good place to pick up some good information on communications and radios.


  1. I didn't know you farmed. What are you raising, crops or livestock?

  2. If you can call it that. Its more like I have been practicing herbicide and insecticide without the chemicals. A few years ago I started relearning what farming is, hard work, fixing things that break from shovels to tractors, becoming a self-taught expert in everything from meteorology to biology, luck and frequent prayers. After losses and some set backs. I finally have some bees, chickens, 1/4 acre of vegetables, a dozen hops bines and all the deer and boar I need.