Friday, July 4, 2014

ISIS: How Iraqi Jihadi's Operate In Syria

This video is about the Free Syrian Army and how their revolution was hijacked by the ISIS. Apply these
lessons to your own backyard. Do not let so-called patriots become your spokesman. Patriots are people who serve their fellow man and maintain the order our country was founded on. Patriots are not people
with their own private agenda which they try to force on those around them.

There are now an estimated 100-200,000 Sovereign Citizens in America. This movement inspires people like Jared and Amanda Miller to go on senseless killing sprees which accomplishs nothing except to give
people involved in the American Liberty movement a bad image in the eyes of the public. Any "rightful
liberty" movement must include ALL American citizens, not matter what their occupation, yes, police officers too, Otherwise you are no better that the ISIS jihadist now in Iraq, shooting anyone who doesn't subscribe to their brand of Islam.


  1. I'd respectfully submit that 'rightful liberty' would include all American citizens who were loyal to the Constitution and didn't 'just follow orders,' as that question was supposed to be settled in 1946. I'd respectfully submit that citizen safety is just as important as 'officer safety.'

    Personally, I'm all for police officers to be included in any patriotic attempt at setting things right. In fact, I know some who are and they have my total support and respect. However, I question many other 'law enforcement officers' ' motivations regarding 'rightful liberty' when a great incentive is to get into teams and perform dynamic raids on non-violent offenses with faulty intel where non-combatants are being injured or killed at an increasingly alarming rate. I don't think I even need to specify anything on combat ready armor being deployed at 'anytown, USA'....

    So, where many of the liberty movement perceive the country to be is the police actively view the average American citizen as the enemy (and in many cases this is proven true by witnessed statements such as, "'re just a criminal who hasn't been caught yet" mind set comes to mind, how would you suggest the liberty movement go about including those who view them generally as the enemy?

  2. Yes, the Nuremberg trials did settle that score in 1946. Rather than go through all that again, we chose to simply disband Saddam's military and police apparatus, ostracize them and start all over from scratch. Those former soldiers and police are who we are seeing take back Iraq now with the help of other bloody Islamist. We will accomplish the same again here in America if we do not include active and former police and military in any future plan. When officers do wrong they need to be punished, individually and harshly. Collectively discrediting any group of Americans, is the same tactic used by Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama Bin Laden are just a few of a long list of modern day despots who employ these actions. The III%, Patriot, Liberty, Tea Party, Militia or what ever name a true American calls him/herself, needs to start developing a unified national voice that is simple and clear. We need someone who already has the national stage, like Ben Carson, Allen West, W.G. Boykin or any number of worthy people to start delivering our message.

  3. That would be a great answer to the dilemma: " .....worthy people to start delivering our message."