Wednesday, August 27, 2014

U.S. Soldiers Eliminate Three Taliban Fighters During Ambush

"This patrol was a relief in place and I was on point leading the new guys in for the RIP. We hadn’t taken much contact in this area, and it was generally considered a “safe” zone in Logar Province.

We patrolled the area frequently, and the locals would regularly thank us for pushing the Taliban away from their village so they could live their daily lives without constant threat.

The Taliban that we came across during this patrol were actually setting up to shoot down our new surveillance balloon that was launched in the area. The balloon caught the entire fight on camera from above, which confirmed that we killed 3 Taliban fighters during this engagement.

I saw the first guy shoulder his RPG, take a knee, and point it directly at me from about 15 meters away. I’m not sure if it was luck, but I shot first and hit him twice. The rest of the team engaged immediately after.

At the end of the day there were no friendly casualties, and we had eliminated 3 Taliban fighters.

I wanted to share the video with the world because I was sick of hearing all the ignorant things said about what we are doing over there. People need to understand what it’s like on the ground for the troops on the front line, and see what we have to deal with on a daily basis without some political spin on the story."


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


National Geographic documentary on life after a pandemic. Good food for thought on how you and your family will survive when the lights go out. Unless you have planned and prepared, it will almost certainly guarantee a short and miserable life. With the plethora of people out there willing and able
to help you prepare, why are you sitting around not doing anything ? Do you think you will just go loot the Walmart when this happens ? Hahahaha, you and thousands of others. Do you think you will just go get charity or loot from your neighbors ? Hahahaha, good way to go out of this world.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Intent to Support the Kurds Against ISIS

For wide distribution:
To follow up on my previous posts on this subject, and the evolving thread on the MVT Forum, I will state the intent here:
Max Velocity Tactical, under the DBA ‘Victrix,’ is seeking a security / military assistance contract  with either:
1) Kurdish Organizations
2) Aid / Relief Organizations in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq.
To provide security / military training /military assistance in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq. In order to assist in the defeat of ISIS forces, and thus bring humanitarian relief to their innocent victims.

The initial intent would be to initially deploy a small team(s), consisting of 12 veteran security personnel per team, in order to get established on the ground.
Follow on personnel would be moved into country and trained in-country in numbers as required by the mission.
This would require flights into Kurdistan, logistic support and the supply of the required vehicles, weapons, ammunition and equipment. Once this was achieved, the situation and mission would be developed as required.
MVT/’Victrix’ has access to numbers of suitably qualified veteran military and paramilitary contractor personnel, who would deploy on this contract.
We are prepared to put boots on the ground and go into combat to push back the ISIS forces. We will do this for the sake of the innocents being slaughtered.
Live hard.
Die Free.

Here is another humanitarian aid group getting spun up to go also; DVM D.A.R.T

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prepper Camp 2014

Welcome to Prepper CampTM 

Sept 12, 13, & 14 2014

at Orchard Lake Campground,
460 Orchard Lake Road, Saluda, NC

Only $19.95 for all three days - if you purchase tickets before August 15th!

Camping in the NC mountains during the best season of the year and learning to take care of yourself and your family during disaster. How can it get any better than that ?

Class Schedules: 

Although we don't have a fixed class schedule yet, we intend to be offering 6 classes every hour for at least 7 hours during the day- on each day. 
That way, we can offer almost every class, on every day, so that if you want to see a class on one day, but have a conflict, you can still see it the next day. 

We hope to have the schedule up - here on the website, a couple of weeks before the event, so you will be able to prioritize your personal class schedule then. 

And make sure to sign up for "Updates" (Subscribe) above and to the right here on our website, to get the latest Prepper Camp information as soon as it is available.

So please tell your friends not to hesitate in getting tickets!  The tickets are selling fast and we WILL close off the sales before we get too many people. (Because we want everyone to be able to see the classes that they want to attend!)
Click here for full list of classes.