Thursday, August 14, 2014

Intent to Support the Kurds Against ISIS

For wide distribution:
To follow up on my previous posts on this subject, and the evolving thread on the MVT Forum, I will state the intent here:
Max Velocity Tactical, under the DBA ‘Victrix,’ is seeking a security / military assistance contract  with either:
1) Kurdish Organizations
2) Aid / Relief Organizations in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq.
To provide security / military training /military assistance in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq. In order to assist in the defeat of ISIS forces, and thus bring humanitarian relief to their innocent victims.

The initial intent would be to initially deploy a small team(s), consisting of 12 veteran security personnel per team, in order to get established on the ground.
Follow on personnel would be moved into country and trained in-country in numbers as required by the mission.
This would require flights into Kurdistan, logistic support and the supply of the required vehicles, weapons, ammunition and equipment. Once this was achieved, the situation and mission would be developed as required.
MVT/’Victrix’ has access to numbers of suitably qualified veteran military and paramilitary contractor personnel, who would deploy on this contract.
We are prepared to put boots on the ground and go into combat to push back the ISIS forces. We will do this for the sake of the innocents being slaughtered.
Live hard.
Die Free.

Here is another humanitarian aid group getting spun up to go also; DVM D.A.R.T

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