Sunday, September 14, 2014

Intel in Bad Times is the Key to Survival

I spend way too much time perusing different blogs, looking for people whose values, beliefs and principles match my own. There are many who call themselves patriots and liberty-minded people
( within the US founders mindset ) but after reading them for awhile you learn they are nothing more
than anarchist who want to see the US in shambles. I suppose their thinking is, this is necessary so
America can be rebuilt from the ground up. I don't go further in knowing them and their motives
because I fundamentally disagree with them. We already have the perfect framework for governing
the US, its called the Bill of Rights and US Constitution. I don't care to support people who want to
re-invent the wheel. There is no telling what that wheel will look like if some of our American
anarchist were to take the helm and I have never cared much for choosing the lesser of two evils, evil is evil. This was the final message of the Atlas Shrugged III, destroy it so we can rebuild it. I think most will agree that a restoration of the US is preferable to a revolution and those who actively want a complete collapse of American society are as much enemies of liberty as are Socialist and Islamist.
One of the bloggers I follow closely is Sam Culper because he is very discerning and insightful. With
his firm grounding in military intelligence, he should be. He also writes some very useful articles on
dealing with a possible (likely) social collapse. Here is a quote from a recent one;
 "We earn the populace by “attaining legitimacy” and not by behavior modification through fear, intimidation and coercion.  Fearful populations are resentful populations.  Resentful populations might not openly oppose you, but they’re willing to cooperate with a viable alternative.  Therefore, we must seek to be a viable alternative when faced with oppression.  In my mind, that’s the largest component the Liberty movement is missing — a viable alternative.  We have plenty of alternatives but most realize that those alternatives are just the lesser of two evils.  Don’t become the lesser of two evils; don’t kill the Constitution in the process of saving it.  As a friend of mine said to me last weekend, “You don’t get morality from immorality.  You don’t get good government from bad government.”
He also posts as GuerillaAmerica here , follow his work here and his intel magazine can be read here.
And here is another voice worth paying attention to, Southern Prepper.

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