Wednesday, October 22, 2014

JWR Discusses EVD

Well worth the time spent to hear Mr. Rawles discuss EVD and other current concerns.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Homegrown Jihad

This from early 2002 but bears repeating and being aware of. The concern has likely grown exponentially since 02 as we have more islamist arrive in USA. This is only one group operating here. With over 30 training centers they appear to be well funded. Make it a priority to learn where the camps are near you and add them to your intel watch-list. Our government seems to think that lone-wolf terrorist are our biggest threat, I disagree. If more law-abiding citizens become legally armed this is not a problem. The Moore OK murder last week demonstrated that when an armed company employee stopped the jihadist Alton Nolen from beheading more than one person. The greater threat to you is when the SHTF occurs the thousands of jihadist this organization has trained will become operational.
Anyone not supporting them will be targets.


Here is a list of 30 Locations Inside the United States

1.  Marion, Alabama

2.  Baladullah, California

3.  Oak Hill, California  

4.  Squaw Valley, California  

5.  Tulare County, California  

6.  Buena Vista, Colorado 

7.  Tallahassee, Florida

8.  Commerce, Georgia 

9.  Jessup, Georgia 

10. Springfield, Massachusetts 

11. Hagerstown, Maryland 

12. Hyattsville, Maryland 

13. Coldwater, Michigan 

14. Binghamton, New York 

15. Deposit, New York

16. Hancock, New York  (National Headquarters) 

17. Talihina, Oklahoma 

18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 

20. York, South Carolina 

21 Dover, Tennesee 

22. Houston, Texas

23. Waco, Texas 

24. Fairfax, Virginia 

25. Falls Church, Virginia 

26. Meherrin, Virginia 

27. Red House, Virginia  

28. Roanoke, Virginia 

29. Bethany, West Virginia 

30. Onalaska, Washington

Anyone still having doubts regarding the severity of this threat should read Doug Hagmann's report:

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders