Saturday, November 8, 2014

Local Stability in a “Dirty Civil War”

In the Fall issue of Forward Observer Magazine, I had the great opportunity to interview Matthew Bracken, a former Navy SEAL and prolific author (I know you’ve heard of him), about the future of conflict in America.  A potential scenario he talked about was the “dirty civil war”, where a group of well-meaning Americans goes rogue by doing something really stupid (like indiscriminately killing cops or other officials, for instance).  That event or those actions start a chain reaction of copy cats and reprisals, things get really dirty, really fast, and our nation descends into chaos; one side too uncoordinated and unskilled to make any appreciable gains, and the other too brutal in their pursuit, resulting in too much collateral damage to take control of the situation and gain the support of the populace… thus the inability by both sides to end the conflict.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this scenario, and one thing that really concerns me is providing stability in our own communities during the potential protracted conflict described above.  I started looking through my library and found a Naval Post-Graduate School paper entitled, Rethinking Militias: Recognizing the Potential Role of Militia Groups in Nation-Building.  (A highly recommended read; published in 2007.)  This paper was written by two Army Majors, and they begin by saying that the negative view by the media of militias is misguided.  I agree.  In my experience, although there are still plenty of the grossly amateur militias out there, with the returning of combat veterans, the number and quality of semi-professional militias and defense groups is growing.  Realistically, in a “dirty civil war” scenario, we will need to participate in these types of Constitutional militias (yeah, we’re already lawfully in the militia, I know) to aid local law enforcement, or to resist tyranny.  (Of course, this scenario really is a worst case type of event, but it may apply to other potential scenarios as well.  The only reason I write about it is because, like Matt, I actually do think it’s a possibility that multiple idiots go indiscriminately attacking cops, which leads to the proverbial “stuff” rolling downhill onto everyone else.  I’d really like to avoid that.)