Friday, January 9, 2015

French Jihadist

We will see more of the examples set by jihadists recently in France occurring here
in the west. A group of citizens who have been active for years, Bloc Identitaire, has
been telling the French people to wake up and do something about this threat to their
country. It has been brought to them by leftist socialism and it is the same pattern of
government happening in America. I think history will record this as a turning point
in our culture much like the British on Lexington Green and the capture of Fort Sumter.
That is, if we have a history left to record. Its looking pretty doubtful.

Here is all the proof I need that Islam will not conquer us. A copy of Charlie Hebdo sells now for $500 on Ebay. Show me a Koran or a musloid newspaper that sells for $500.

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