Saturday, January 3, 2015

Heaven or Hell ?

Now that combat operations in Afghanistan have ended officially, there is a lot of discussion about whether our asymmetric warfare and counter-terror efforts made any difference because the Taliban is just going to move back in and take over again. True, they are already starting. One of their main revenue sources is opium growing and this year it reached an all time high. Estimates say ninety percent of the world's heroin is produced there. What we tried to do was change their historically bloody and tragic past to something more akin to ours. It did work in small doses and select areas where we had a strong presence but it won't last long after we are gone. Like the 1889 Russian samovar I brought home after liberating it from a Kabul souk, this video is a soon to be a relic of our involvement there. I have deep sorrow for the American men and women who were killed and mangled there and for the indigenous Afghanistan people who have withstood the past twenty years of the Taliban inhabiting their land, most of whom are foreigners themselves. Its a safe bet to say we will be going back again, hopefully by then we will have a government which understands how to actually help the people.

I know they could have developed the kind of advanced civilization demonstrated each year at the Smithsonian Museum by my old Alma Mata, the USAF. This performance is from 2013. We could have at least stayed until we got them off to a good start. Who knows ? What is known is they will return to being a hell-on-earth now and that skateboarding school will disappear into history.
Here is the USAF flash mob for 2014:

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