Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Point and Shoot

I read many blogs by people who claim to be American patriots and III% liberty-minded people. From the demeanor and tone of their words I gather that many would like to see the fuse lit soon and start a third war between the citizens and the government of the USA. I believe they are in a hurry and want to see change within their lifetime. I'm reminded that this was one of Adolf Hitler's fatal flaws in tactics. Warning them to be careful what they wish for because they just might get it, falls on deaf ears. I have come to the conclusion that some are just idiots whose idea of what civil war is, is nothing more than what they have seen on TV or their "Call of Duty" video games. Some other commenters and even blog administrators are very likely paid government
employees who are working to further the ID of what they consider right-wing extremist as they did
during the FBI's Operation Patcon. Im sure there are new and improved forms of it going on today, especially on the internet. The third category of what I will call "anarchist" for lack of a better term are simply that, anarchist. Sort of like a pyromaniac who gets sensory pleasure out of setting a fire purely for the fun of watching it burn with no regard to who or what it may be burning. This can be termed as nothing better than a destructive mental illness. There is no higher purpose than their own self-gratification. Those of you who wish to associate with me had best have pure motives and clear heads when and if the proverbial feces hits the fan. I intend to survive and help restore what is left of this country when the lunatic factions get through destroying my country. This video is an interesting look at what I would consider a clearly dysfunctional young man who went on a quest for many years trying to find out who he really is. In the end he ends up fighting with the Libyan rebels against Momar Qaddafi. Think long and hard folks before you go advocating the violent overthrow of the US Government and be very skeptical of those who do likewise. You never know who or what you are being led by and to in these situations. Anyone who wants to work toward legal redress of grievances with their government is welcome in my home any day. All others keep away especially when TSHTF.
For those of you who are still in the dark concerning what I am talking about, you can catch up on current events at places like ; The Deth Guild,
"So here we are: Mrs. Hoyt and her adherents still wish to dine on the Republican Brand Shit-Sandwich. That’s their choice to make.. Those of us on team “Let it Burn,” are turning our backs on “vote-vote-land” and mulling over the concepts of “socioeconomic-collapse,” “armed-civil-disobedience,” and God help us, “revolution.”
It’s a train wreck coming no matter what. So be it."


  1. Preach it brother.

    We prepare for the worst eventuality, and work for the best.

    The people jawboning the hardest for the worst are a special kind of stupid, and will reach maturity about a minute Too Late, when they realize what they got is not what they thought it would be, all with a predictably stunned and stupid look on their empty heads.

    They probably still don't get that back in the day, SAC never wanted to actually launch their birds, but understood being ready to do so every second was the best way to ensure that outcome.

    Conveying the lesson is like trying to teach your parrot to recite ancient Greek poetry.

  2. SAC's shield was of a steel hand in a glove holding an olive branch. I have stood on the flight line while a squadron of 12 nuclear loaded B52s roared into the night often, wondering if I would ever see the sun come up tomorrow. I see no great urgency in meeting my death but if that is what it takes to protect my family and home, so be it.I just read Sam Culper's essay and wish that everyone could understand his words the way they are intended. I think you will find them relevant