Thursday, April 23, 2015

" The AK-47 My Weapon of Choice"

„The Zastava M-70 is an assault rifle developed and produced in Yugoslavia, nowadays Kragujevac, Serbia by Zastava Arms company. The design of the M-70 was based on modified Soviet AK-47 and AKM assault rifles and it became the standard issue weapon in the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1970. The M-70 is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire rifle. This weapon is also available as a modern sporting rifle in the US without select fire capabilities.“ From Selco's SHTF School.

Many advantages to an AK. As far as what to use during SHTF, it depends on where you are and what is happening that you need a rifle for. There are many 100 year old guns that are equal to anything made today. If you need to take someone out from afar, there is no finer bolt gun that a Carl Gustav Swedish Mauser in 6.5X55 cal. For close-in CQB a 65 year old Uzi MP-2 works as well as an M-4 or the newer AK-74. It really comes down to what is available and the skill of the user. A highly skilled shooter with a black powder musket has better odds than a novice wielding a .50 BMG and a Gen 4 NVS. At the risk of continuing the AK vs AR debate I submit this bit of humor. As Selco said, your choices may be severely limited without training and planning. - See more at:

For a good resource page on all things AK go HERE.

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