Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Financial Collapse Leads to War

Since the Vietnam War, (my entrance to the world stage) I have watched with amusement, disdain and disbelief, our clumsy disjointed efforts at "full-spectrum dominance"
Our foreign policy is at best schizophrenic. We do succeed in propping up some pretty nasty tyrants and megalomaniacs and at the same time turn our backs on sincere foreign national leaders but that seems to be the limit of our success.  Part of it is a reflection of the US populace in general who are so divided and fractured, no agency of the government could represent all of them. I do not blame our past military. They could win any engagement they are ordered to, if they are unleashed and allowed to win. I blame the intelligence agencies, the State Dept. and the White House.
For an interesting perspective on this read this at Club Orlov.

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