Monday, June 29, 2015

SOF Medical Training Under Fire for Being Too Realistic

I take this witch hunt personally. Dr. Hagmann is the main force behind TCCC being implemented system-wide in DOD and it is now being used by many civilian EMS and police departments. It has saved countless lives in combat environments. He trained me in this medical science shortly after he developed it while working at SOCOM and I worked for him as an instructor.. I will always be grateful for this esteemed doctor and scientist.
"BK recently wrote an article in which he cautioned against overreacting to the controversy surrounding military contractor and retired Army physician John Hagmann. Like BK, I interacted extensively with Dr. Hagmann during my career as an Air Force pararescueman, having taken his Operational Emergency Medical Skills course four times. At no point during those courses did Dr. Hagmann conduct himself in what I perceived to be an unprofessional manner, although he did teach and supervise numerous procedures that could be construed as somewhat risky without proper context."

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